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Writing retreat in Tam Dao, Viet Nam, 2014, courtesy of Nguyen Qui Duc and (the late great) Moto the dog.

This is my website for teaching/mentoring, editing projects, and blogging. (My creative projects and music can be found at daostrom.com and on soundcloud.)

My teaching philosophy is grounded in the notion that writing is about learning how to see – ourselves and the world and people around us to deeper, more thoughtful degrees. It is about coming alive to the worlds around and within ourselves. In expanding our abilities to perceive – to feel, to think, to ‘make sense’ of imagination and experience – we also develop the needed sensitivity and acumen to be strong, discerning, and compassionate as writers and artists. I believe in giving guidance and feedback that is aligned to each writer’s unique personal and aesthetic ambitions, that addresses technique but also pushes you to find your own voice and purpose. I also believe that creative writing can be a valuable practice for anyone who feels compelled to do it – whether you strive to become a published author, or feel the need to write just for your own opening of heart and mind.

I am available for Individual Lessons/Tutoring, Editing, and periodic Online Writing Workshops.